189 | Experiencing the Fun and Light-Hearted Side of Ayurveda with Saveena

189 | Experiencing the Fun and Light-Hearted Side of Ayurveda with Saveena

Join Angela and guest Saveena in this episode: Experiencing the Fun and Light-Hearted Side of Ayurveda.

In this conversation, Angela and Saveena have fun catching up and talking about some of the ways in which incorporating Ayurveda into everyday life can be fun! Saveena shares little tips she learned from Angela during their time working with one another, and how her love of Ayurveda has brought her to an interest in studying further and becoming a health counselor so she can share this with others as well!
In this episode, learn more about:
o Saveena's journey to Ayurveda
o Simple ways Ayurveda is woven into her daily life
o The aspects of Ayurveda which have allowed Saveena to feel happier and healthier
o Using Ayurvedic practices and rituals to help balance work and her personal life
o Ayurveda as common sense
Meet Saveena - VP of Operations of at Sunwink, an awesome women owned wellness start-up in San Francisco. With Hindu Warrior Goddess Durga as my driving force, at 18, she moved from India to the US and built an incredible life that lights her up. She is a lover of Ayurveda, a certified meditation teacher, personal growth junkie, and a devotee of movement (check out www.dancealive.com if you want to move your life). Saveena is spiritual, practical, business savvy, and fun and has recently discovered her passion for spin!
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