Choose A Fragrance Using Your Energy Field! Discover Perfumer Yosh Han Aura Readings…

Choose A Fragrance Using Your Energy Field! Discover Perfumer Yosh Han Aura Readings…
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Mar 2022

Magic in the air... Experiencing an aura reading portrait experience with Yosh Han...

I recently met with the internationally respected intuitive and established perfumer Yosh Han at Parfumerie Tresor, an exclusive scent boutique in the hip neighbourh

ood, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Yosh Han At Parfumerie Tresor , Hong Kong...
Nestled among the coffee hangouts and infamous antique shops of bustling Hollywood Road, Parfumerie Tresor is a cool, calm oasis for fragrance lovers, and is one of a handful of high end retailers that's home to the exclusive fragrance line 'YOSH', personally developed by Han.
You'll find YOSH at Anthropologie, Barney's New York, Liberty London and Takashimaya Japan...
Yosh, Blending Fragrances & Radiance...
Voted Refinery 29's "Best Aura Reader", Yosh is an energy worker, Clairvoyant, Reiki practitioner - and a Pisces!
We literally could've talked for hours on all manner of esoteric subjects - not to mention alternative, holistic remedies, and indulgent beauty treats.
After all, Yosh elegantly blends the worlds of luxury and alternative subjects so seamlessly - we totally speak the same language!
An expert perfumer, she began her journey in 1994, learning to identify and combine the healing essential oils and more sophisticated perfume essences. Today, Yosh uses these elixirs in her own modern practice of the ancient art of perfumery, creating signature scents. Her unique fragrance collection bridges inner and outer beauty, and it seems that her personal mission is to help others omit a sense of radiance, inside and out.
Essentially, Yosh hopes to improve ones state of mind - and aura - through scent.
Though she grew up in L.A., Yosh is presently honouring her inner nomad, based between Bali, Hong Kong and other major international cities.
I was lucky enough to have an aura reading, which proved to be an incredibly touching and affirming experience, spectacularly telling me so much of what I needed to hear...
What Is An Aura?
Every person has a physical and spiritual body, and while we're familiar with the material planes we're not all akin to our energy field in spirit.
Our energy moves through seven chakras and into the immediate space around you called 'the aura'.
You might like to think of it as someone's vibe - the feeling you get from someone without knowing them, the sense of a person regardless of knowing them: "She has a really attractive aura, I like her vibe!"
Yosh Han Aura Readings, Aura Portraits And Carefully Selected Scents...
The Chakras: Instincts, Creation, Action, Self-Image, Communication, Vision, Certainty...
During the session, Yosh reads the individuals energy, working systematically through the layers of the chakras. Looking at each layer of the aura, she channels its themes and how your energy is running (or being sapped).
Using the artistic medium of pencil on paper, Yosh produces an Aura Portrait during the reading process, revealing an impression of a person's energy and spiritual field.
Yosh then selects a perfume that most suits, selected from (but not limited to) her collection of vibrational perfumes inspired by chakra energy.
A scent can trigger memories or experience, maybe even more vividly than looking at a photograph, and through YOSH's scents, you can be transported to an entirely different aromascape, discovering a new sense of Self.
My Aura Portrait...
So, you receive a 'colored-in' portrait of your session in addition to the channeled verbal information, and recommended scents to assist you moving forwards. Yosh holds space for the individual to bring about positive change in ones energy and aura through scent.
What could be more enriching and beautiful?
Yosh is available in Hong Kong between June 1st and 9th; for reservations or enquiries, contact the Spa team at Four Seasons Hong Kong at +852 3196 8900 or email [email protected]. You can also enjoy events at Perfumer Tresor between June 7th and 9th.