How to ask a REALLY GOOD question with oracle cards

How to ask a REALLY GOOD question with oracle cards
Mar 2022

When it comes to getting important messages from the Universe or your guides, oracle cards ARE AMAZING...
I started with tarot and I do still enjoy reading them for friends but honestly, not for myself - they can be so BRUTALLY frank!
Oracle cards, on the other hand, can also tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ...
... but with less scary messages.
So without further ado, here is my opinion on the #1 best thing to ask oracle cards when you have a question ...
OK hang on - just a little bit of ado.
Here are the top 3 things NOT to ask and why ...
1. Don't ask "What's going to happen with..."
That assumes that the road ahead is pre-determined. Remember, you are creating your life. What you do today affects your tomorrow.
2. Don't ask "When will..."
Even though some card readers claim to be able to give timings with cards, it's my firm opinion that WHEN depends on what we do next. If you sit and do nothing, and the situation needs action, the answer might be never!
3. Don't ask ... the same question you asked 5 minutes ago!
You will just start to confuse yourself and the cards. I believe the shortest time to allow between asking the same questions is 24 hours and even then ONLY if you have take some kind of action or something has changed to influence the way events are unfolding.
So the #1 best question to ask oracle cards?
"What do I need to know about ..."
For me, this works every time. It feels me what I need to know to achieve my desired outcome or to get some real talk from the cads or to see what I am manifesting.
Give it a go!
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