New: Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Review!

New: Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Review!
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Jul 2018

Beauty editor Jessica DeFino gets to grips with magic mushroom power with the new offering from Moon Juice, 'Beauty Shroom', a super hydrating jelly serum!

While Moon Juice offerings are usually made with dose of moon magic (their tagline is "Thrive Cosmic," after all

), the adaptogenic wellness brand's latest launch is decidedly more earthy.
Beauty Shroom, a plumping jelly serum that marks Moon Juice's first foray into beauty-and my first true love affair with a serum-is packed with the power of...mushrooms.
At first, I was a little confused, too-mushrooms don't exactly scream "beauty."
But it turns out that Silver Ear mushrooms and Reishi mushrooms, the star ingredients in Beauty Shroom, are powerful adaptogens that help the skin respond better to environmental stress.
Now that's beautiful.
A quick explainer on adaptogens: Adaptogens are natural allies (like plants and herbs) that help the body adapt to stress-they can regulate hormones, support the immune system, and help fight fatigue and brain fog.
They're usually ingested in tonics and smoothies but now, thanks to Moon Juice, you can slather all that adaptogenic goodness on your face.
In Beauty Shroom, these adaptogens are blended with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, natural oils, and acids to keep skin hydrated, plump, and glowy while fighting oxidative stress (which is basically cell damage from environmental factors).
But the best things about Beauty Shroom is the touch and feel.
Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Review
It's a true "jelly serum," with a bouncy-but-not-sticky texture that easily melts into the skin and instantly plumps.
You can even dab some on your lips to give your pout a little pick-me-up.
I love using this as part of my morning routine before moisturizer, but it's gentle enough to use AM and PM and hydrating enough to use on its own, if you're more of a product minimalist.
On top of all that, it has the most soothing floral scent imaginable and is naturally-derived and cruelty-free.
So yes, Beauty Shroom may be of the Earth-but it's one of the most magical serums you'll ever try.
Where To Buy Beauty Shroom?
Beauty Shroom is available now at moonjuice.com and also on sephora.com.
Price $58.00 USD for 30 ml.